How do you abort an emacs M-x compile compilation? I'm editing a bash file, and I "test execute it" by doing M-x compile.

What I tried - googled:emacs abort compilation

The file I'm working on is like this

# -*- compile-command: "./spawn.sh" -*-                                                                          
set -e
# Function definitions 
# more ....
  • Your question title mentions M-x compile but your question itself says nothing about using that.
    – Drew
    Dec 25 '17 at 17:22

Know that you can use M-x compile to compile from within Emacs.

If you do that then, in your compilation output buffer, use C-h m to see information about the mode.

For example, it might tell you that the mode is compilation-mode and that C-c C-k is bound to command kill-compilation. Clicking that command name tells you:

Kill the process made by the M-x compile or M-x grep commands.

Similarly, if you are in compilation-minor-mode, where you learn that kill-compilation is bound to K, as well as to C-c C-k.

If you use library help-fns+.el then you can use C-h M-k followed by a keymap name (e.g. compilation-mode-map or compilation-minor-mode-map), to see all of the keys bound by that keymap.

So at least if you launch your compilation from within Emacs you can kill it using K or C-c C-k.

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