I'm trying to get notmuch working on Windows 10 using WSL/Ubuntu. The idea is to treat the WSL as a remote machine (roughly following https://notmuchmail.org/remoteusage/) and to have a shell script that executes notmuch within the WSL. The script file looks like this (called notmuch.bat):

@echo off

bash -c "notmuch %*"

Next, I've told notmuch to use this script file with (setq notmuch-command "notmuch.bat") and also added it to the PATH variable.

When starting notmuch in emacs, I can see the correct number of mails indexed by notmuch in notmuch-hello, but when I follow the "inbox" link, no mails are shown in *notmuch-saved-search-inbox*. Instead there is the message Spawning child process: Invalid argument.

Any idea what could be causing this?

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