I want to do some custom stuff before a window is deleted?

window-configuration-change-hook seems to be invoked after a window is deleted.

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    One idea would be to run a pre-command-hook and/or a post-command-hook with a test for a list of functions that would trigger additional custom stuff: (when (memq this-command '(.....)) custom-stuff). If the condition is not met, there is virtually zero overhead. And, these hooks can be buffer local if so desired. The test can be more complicated of so desired, e.g., a particular major-mode, current window of the previous command is the same window as the new command, etc. I cannot recommend advising delete-window or delete-other-windows as they are too fundamental to mess. – lawlist Jan 3 '18 at 19:18

Inspection of delete-window in GNU Emacs (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.10.8) of 2016-04-25 shows that there is no such hook.

I don't right follow the argument of lawlist in his comment that delete-window is too fundamental to be advised.

For an example the following advice would provide a hook for functions with a WINDOW argument that is run before window WINDOW is deleted.

(defvar window-before-delete-functions nil
  "Functions to be run with argument WINDOW before \(delete-window WINDOW).")

(defun delete-window-ad (window)
  "Add `window-before-delete-functions' as before-advice of \(delete-window WINDOW)."
  (run-hook-with-args 'window-before-delete-functions (or window (selected-window))))

(advice-add #'delete-window :before #'delete-window-ad)

Just remove the hook functions in window-before-delete-functions if something goes wrong with them.

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