Some update must've made it so that SMTP mail isn't reading my password from ~/.authinfo any more. It reads everything else OK (hostname, port), but prompts me for my password the first time I try to send mail after restarting emacs. So right now, every time I restart emacs, I have to open .authinfo, copy my password, and paste it into emacs. How can I get it to properly load my password from .authinfo?

In case it matters, here's my .spacemacs.

  • Try a fresh install of spacemacs and just the absolute minimum settings needed to test SMTP mail and your .authinfo. If it works with a barebones install of spacemacs, then know that something in your user-configuration (or a subsequently installed package) is the problem. If it does not work with a barebones install of spacemacs, then you will need to try with a barebones installation of Emacs without spacemacs ... – lawlist Jan 10 '18 at 20:30
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    (1) Make sure your "~/.authinfo" file still has the required information. (2) Inspect the output of M-: (get-authinfo "gcal.api" "9999"). Does that output contain your password? If that is not the case then probably the netrc package causes the problem. They made recently a tiny change regarding the clang compiler beside the copyright adaptions for 2018. – Tobias Jan 10 '18 at 21:18

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