I have a section of an org-file where there are only headings with no content within them, each line is a (sub)heading.

* heading 1
* heading 2
** heading 2.1
** heading 2.2
*** heading 2.2.1
* heading 3

I want to put the point at a subtree, type a command, and have a buffer open up with (or copy to clipboard) that subtree converted to HTML. Not to a whole HTML file with <html>, <body>, styles, etc., just a short snippet like

  <li>heading 1</li>
    heading 2
      <li>heading 2.1</li>
        heading 2.2
          <li>heading 2.2.1</li>
  <li>heading 3</li>

Basically remove the *s and mimic the tree structure in HTML, no need to process anything beyond that like turning /italics/ into <em>s or anything like that.

Is there something ready that does that, or how would I go about doing it in Emacs Lisp?

  • It's possible to restrict exporting to a subtree and export nothing but the body, so you could write an export backend that could output an HTML list like this one.
    – user12563
    Jan 6, 2018 at 15:33


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