How can I easily show SCHEDULED entries few times before it comes up given date?

Let's say I have to leave my car for repairs on monday, but I would like to have a reminder one day and one week earlier so I don't plan anything requiring a car or something.

I know I could use diary remind for

life: Reminder: Only 2 weeks until Car repairs

But I don't know how to connect this with SCHEDULED entry. Any ideas on how to do this? Am I missing something obvious here?

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    SCHEDULED means: I plan to work on this on such and such a date and I don't want to worry about it beforehand. DEADLINE means: this has to be done by such and such a date, so I need reminders beforehand to make sure that I finish it by then. See Deadlines and scheduling in the manual. That's why you want to use DEADLINE in this case. – NickD Jan 7 '18 at 22:15

Instead of SCHEDULED use DEADLINE, which provides a warning before the date. You can configure the warning time in the timestamp. For example:

* Car repair
DEADLINE: <2018-01-07 -2w>

Will provide a warning 2 weeks in advance. The global default for the warning period comes from the variable org-deadline-warning-days.

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