I have an alignment/indentation problem in LaTeX mode. Every time I begin a line with an opening brace and I hit <TAB> or run an indentation command on the region, the brace becomes aligned with the previous opening brace, even if a closing brace has been inserted in between. For instance,




Because of this, the document is increasingly shifted to the right. How can I get rid of this behavior? I use GNU Emacs 24.5.1. I have tried to open the LaTex file with emacs -q --no-site-file to make sure this is not due to a local configuration file, to no avail...

I do not see this problem (emacs-version = 25.2.2; auctex-version = 12.1.0) In your place, I will try edebug. F1 k TAB (or another key to identify the tab command (probably indent-for-tab-command) follow the link in the popup to indent.el.The point being on the code of the function, C-u C-M-x to enable edebug of function.Back to the file being edited, activate the faulty command and trace its execution with the spacebar I hope the culprit will appear.

  • AUCTeX had not been properly installed on my Linux machine. The problem has been solved by installing it from within emacs rather from a terminal. Still, thanks for your help. – Michel Fioc Jan 16 at 11:08
  • How do your install from within emacs? – vy32 Sep 11 at 10:08

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