When I open this file in emacs

https://raw.githubusercontent.com/limist/literate-programming-examples/master/01-clojure-literate-ants/literate-ants.org enter image description here

I see emacs is showing me ** lines as *** lines.

Whats the logic behind this?

Update: I noticed the file has a heading like this #+STARTUP: align indent fold nodlcheck hidestars oddeven lognotestate

  • When I open this file with no custom org configuration (e.g. emacs -q), I don't see the same thing. The STARTUP line you mention is enabling org-hide-leading-stars, which means I only see one * per heading, just indented to the correct level. Have you customized org mode in some way? A theme that changes the org-hide face might also be a factor. – glucas Jan 16 '18 at 19:57
  • The STARTUP line also sets oddeven, but it looks like perhaps you are using org-odd-levels-only? Even then you would have to explicitly convert the file (see org-convert-to-odd-levels). Opening an existing file and switching to odd levels only would not actually change the file. Things I would try: Switch to text-mode, do you see 2 or 3 stars there? If 2, then look at org appearance / theme settings. If 3, then the file has been modified, possibly by org-convert-to-odd-levels. I'd also try starting emacs with -q and see if the behavior is different. – glucas Jan 16 '18 at 20:08

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