There are times I am given a list of names of people that I need to schedule appointments for in our organization. The names are typically given first, and then details come later.

I would like to create a capture buffer where I can quickly capture the names line by line, and then process the list of names with the types of appointments that need to be created. Is there a way to do this in org-mode?

Example workflow:

  1. Create a capture buffer for capturing a vector of appointments:

    C-c c a v
  2. Enter the following list into the capture buffer:

    John Deere
    Adam Smith
    Jane Doe 
  3. Execute function to pre-process buffer into the following format before saving to target:

    * John Deere
    ** NEXT Schedule appointment for John Deere to meet with board of directors
      SCHEDULED: <2000-01-01>
    ** TODO Add John Deere to Board of Directors agenda
    * Adam Smith
    ** NEXT Schedule appointment for Adam Smith to meet with Mr. Robins
       SCHEDULED: <2000-01-01>
    ** TODO Add Adam Smith to Mr. Robins' calendar
    ** TODO Verify meeting with Adam Smith and Mr. Robins occurred
    * Jane Doe
    ** NEXT Schedule appointment for Jane Doe to meet with board of directors
       SCHEDULED: <2000-01-01>
    ** TODO Add Jane Doe to Board of Directors agenda

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You are looking for org-capture-before-finalize-hook.

(defcustom org-capture-before-finalize-hook nil
  "Hook that is run right before a capture process is finalized.
The capture buffer is still current when this hook runs and it is
widened to the entire buffer."
  :group 'org-capture
  :version "24.1"
  :type 'hook)

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