When I do

C-u C-c C-v t

to tangle the code block at point, my point moves to the head of the code block. How can I prevent that point movement.


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One solution is to update to org 9.1.6. There they have moved the save-excursion to the beginning of org-babel-tangle.

By the way they use the wrong sequence (save-restriction (save-excursion ...)). Looks like that has historical reasons. Don't know what funny consequences that may have with org-babel-tangle. I think it would be worth a bug report.

If you want to keep an older version of org-mode you could put a save-excursion around org-babel-tangle via :around advice. That looks like:

(defun my-org-wrap-org-babel-tangle-in-save-excursion (oldfun &rest args)
"Put `save-excursion` around (org-babel-tangle (ARGS))."
  (save-excursion (apply oldfun args)))

(advice-add 'org-babel-tangle :around #'my-org-wrap-org-babel-tangle-in-save-excursion)

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