I tried to follow emacswiki article about Jabber.el to configure it on my Emacs. However, my changes do not works.

  • Alerts stealth the minibuffer, and its annoying to see an alert when I'm doing something there.
  • I get alerts for every message people send to MUCs, which is something I would really like to avoid and instead being alerted when somebody highlights me.
  • I cannot set xmessage for alerts (I tried linnotify, but it doesn't works; maybe is something with my tiled window manager SpectrWM), and when some activity happens the MUC's name is added to the modeline, clobbering it.

Jabber.el is a great package, but this things make it annoying and distracting, how can I fix them?

My Emacs conf for Jabber.el:

 jabber-history-enabled t
 jabber-use-global-history nil
 jabber-backlog-number 40
 jabber-backlog-days 30
 jabber-alert-presence-message-function (lambda (who oldstatus newstatus statusnext) nil)
 jabber-invalid-certificate-servers '("chat.deshackra.com")

(defun notify-jabber-notify (from buf text proposed-alert)
  "Notifica sobre nuevos mensajes en Jabber vía notify.el"
  (when (or jabber-message-alert-same-buffer
           (not (memq (selected-window) (get-buffer-window-list buf))))
    (if (jabber-muc-sender-p from)
        (notify (format "(MP) %s"
                        (jabber-jid-displayname (jabber-jid-user from)))
                (format "%s: %s" (jabber-jid-resource from) text)))
    (notify (format "%s" (jabber-jid-displayname from))

(defun my-jabber-chat-delete-or-bury ()
  (if (eq 'jabber-chat-mode major-mode)
      (condition-case e 
         (if (string= "Attempt to delete the sole visible or iconified frame" 
                      (cadr e))

;;(define-key jabber-chat-mode-map [escape] 'my-jabber-chat-delete-or-bury)
;;(add-hook 'jabber-alert-message-hooks 'notify-jabber-notify)

(if (daemonp)
    ;; nos conecta a todas las cuentas jabber!
      (load-file (expand-file-name "jabber.secret.gpg" user-emacs-directory))

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If you customize the variable jabber-alert-muc-hooks (M-x customize-option RET jabber-alert-muc-hooks), you'll see that most of the alerts come in pairs, one with -personal appended, i.e. jabber-muc-echo and jabber-muc-echo-personal. Disable jabber-muc-echo and enable jabber-muc-echo-personal, and you'll only see alerts when someone highlights you.

"Highlighting" is defined as a message starting with your nick, followed by one of the symbols in jabber-muc-looks-personalising-symbols.

  • By some weird reason, I keep getting alerts in my mode-line. Any suggestion on how to debug this? this is what I have related to jabber.el in my custom.el file
    – shackra
    Commented Dec 11, 2014 at 21:07
  • 1
    That's strange. Perhaps you could try M-x debug-on-entry on jabber-muc-echo, and see where it gets called from.
    – legoscia
    Commented Dec 12, 2014 at 11:02
  • The problem wasn't with jabber-muc-echo but with jabber-activity-mode, I just turn it off (nil) from Easy Customization and it fixes my issue!
    – shackra
    Commented Dec 19, 2014 at 0:25

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