Introduction: The menu-bar is a nice institution of emacs to remember a command and its shortcut. Using then easy-menu-define for defining own menus is pretty awesome with regard to this purpose. So it is possible to cluster certain commands or stuff them into submenus.

(easy-menu-define my-menu global-map
    "My Menu docstring"
      [ "foo item" foo-item-callback ]
      ("foo submenu"
       [ "foo submenu item" foo-sub-item-callback ]))

Also some packages (for example: Hide/Show from hideshow.el) use easy-menu-define to define own top-level menus. They define it like this:

(easy-menu-define hs-minor-mode-menu hs-minor-mode-map
  "Menu used when hideshow minor mode is active."

Question: I'm sure it somehow possible to stuff this, in package Hide/Show, defined menu hs-minor-mode-menu as a submenu into my own defined menu my-menu.
How could I achieve this?

Note: I do not want to have the hs-minor-mode-menu as popup menu. This could be easily achieved by calling hs-minor-mode-menu as menu item callback. I'd like a real submenu.

Edit: This answer is working to relocate my own defined menus, but not for the Hide/Show menu. Also this answer does not help to remove the hs-minor-mode-menu from global menubar.

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