I'm preparing a set of lectures using =org-reveal=. I found really useful to change the background to add exercise to the slides, e.g.,

:reveal_background: ./images/Thinker-30.png
:reveal_background_trans: slide
Using the analogy with the river, prove the Gauß' theorem in:
- Cartesian coordinates,
- Cylindrical coordinates, and
- Spherical coordinates.

but the result is not very visible.... enter image description here


Is it possible to change the font color for this slide?

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This is the answer from another question (Answer from Nick), but it works with org-reveal, it uses a Macro. If you want to do it for the whole document, I guess it would be easier to modify the css file.

#+MACRO: color @@html:<font color="$1">$2</font>@@

* This is a test

This is a sample sentence in normal text color.

{{{color(red,This is a sample sentence in red text color.)}}}

{{{color(green,This is a sample sentence in green text color.)}}}

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