I'm looking for an ob-erlang library in order to execute erlang in source code blocks in org-mode; I looked on the language table, googled and on github and I didn't fin anything for erlang.

I know there is distel and edtgs for interacting with erlang. and also elixir has an ob-elixir. So maybe it should not be so difficult to write one for erlang. Models exist but exists any how to in order to write ob-anylanguage?

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    I don't know erlang. But I have already defined some org-babel-execute:... functions. It is quite simpe on org-babel side (I don't know the erlang side). The major mode for erlang is erlang-mode. So you must define org-babel-execute:erlang. You get the source code block body and the header line parameters as arguments and the return value determines the return value of the source block. You should take a look on the already existing org-babel-execute:... functions.
    – Tobias
    Feb 8, 2018 at 21:27

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just implemented it. you can try and give me some feedback :)


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