I'm using helm-projectile in spacemacs. I want helm-projectile to ignore all the files in .stack-work directory when running helm-projectile-find-file.

I added .stack-work in projectile-globally-ignored-directories variable:

the result of C-h v projectile-globally-ignored-directories

But the result of helm-projectile-find-file still contains following:

result of SPC p f intero

All files in .stack-work were successfully ignored, except those 4 files. I cannot figure out why that 4 files are still showing up, while others don't.

I also tried to create.projectile in the root directory of the project with the following contents:


The result was, helm-projectile-grep seems to ignore .stack-work with .projectile. But there was no difference in helm-projectile-find-file; it still shows up that 4 files.

Why are that 4 files are showing up in the result? What should I do in order to completely ignore files in .stack-work?

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if you want to use .projectile list of ignored files, you should try with

(setq projectile-enable-caching t)
(setq projectile-indexing-method 'native)

... inside your config file. It looks like ignoring by .projectile list is currently working with native indexing method. More details: in github . With alien method .gitignore is working well (but alien is not respecting .projectile list).

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