I am using emacs with auctex and chktex lint. How do I display a list of warning that chktex detects in my document? Or how do I go to the next warning?


I have tested chktex with

  • emacs-version, started with emacs -Q and M-x package-initialize.
  • auctex-11.90.2 (installed via package-install).

The command ChkTeX is already a member of TeX-command-list.

  • Open your LaTeX document
  • press C-c C-c type ChkTeX (use TAB-completion), and press RETURN.

You are presented with a compilation buffer. There the error messages/warnings of chktex are listed. Each of the entries of this list has a link to the position of the problem in the LaTeX file.

Compilation buffer opened by ChkTeX

You can go to the next error/warning with the key sequence C-c `.

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