I have just started using emacs for debugging and I have two questions.

First, I am working in gdb-many-windows mode. I have set a breakpoint and it gets properly hit in the source code window, and there is an arrow in the margin showing the current line. When I issue the gdb command "s" to step to next line, the arrow is updated again on each new line. When I reach a line that opens a file, the arrow will not advance past that line. Here is the C source code up to that point:

fname = "C:/Temp2/Test_Data/Data_A_float_Data";
dllname =   "C:/cygwin64/our_files/NASM_Test_Projects/Prime_Number/Prime_Number.dll";

//Open file with pointer
file = fopen(fname, "rb"); THE POINTER STOPS HERE

Where fname is defined as a char pointer. The pointer will not advance past the last line shown above.

The stack frame buffer shows:

in _sigfe of sigfe.s:24
1 in _fopen_r of /usr/src/debug/cygwin-2.10.0-1/newlib/libc/stdio/fopen.c:151
2 in main of C_Wrapper_For_Cygwin.c:38 

When I run this program in non-debug mode, it has no problem opening that file.

Question 1: why doesn't the pointer advance past that line when there is no error message showing?

Edit: I answered the first question; when pointing to a function, use next, not step. Step enters the first instruction of the function being called, whereas next will execute the function and advance to the next line.

Question 2: I have enabled tooltip mode, but no bubble appears when I hover over a variable name, and nothing new shows up in any other windows.

Thanks very much.

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