I have a data structure like: ((fid . FID) (name . NAME) (count . COUNT) (data . ORIGINAL_DATA))

I have following Elisp code try to interactively select FID through display the NAME instead of FID.

(defun emms-bilibili-favlist-select ()
  "Interactive select which favlist to open."
  (let* ((fav-name (completing-read "Select favlist: "
                                     (lambda (x) (alist-get 'name x))
         ;; TODO:
         (favlist ...)
    (emms-bilibili--retrieve-favlist (alist-get 'fid favlist))))

I need it to display a list in interactive select:

NAME A NAME B NAME C When I select "NAME A", code need to get the corresponding FID. (upper code is just my pseudo code, if you have better solution, please tell me, Thanks.)

  • Your title does not seem to represent your question. "How to interactively select alist cons pair's cdr instead of whole cons" seems to be a problem that you have successfully solved already by using alist-get instead of assq. Your actual question seems to be about mapping from the value of one alist entry to the value of another entry of the same alist. Can you please clarify the title/question to make them consistent?
    – phils
    Feb 23 '18 at 4:38
  • Sorry about this, I did considered the question title, but don't know how to describe it. I will update the title now. Feb 23 '18 at 6:47

If you can ensure names are unique, you can lookup the list of alist through NAME to get the corresponding FID, for example,

(let* ((alists
        '(((fid . 1) (name . "Name A"))
          ((fid . 2) (name . "Name B"))
          ((fid . 3) (name . "Name C"))))
         "> "
          (lambda (al) (alist-get 'name al))
         (lambda (al)
           (string= name (alist-get 'name al)))
  (alist-get 'fid alist))

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