Is there an existing function that indicates if an org entry is contained in an ordered list?

I am writing a hook that changes the next item in a list from TODO to NEXT. I only want the entry to change when it is in an ordered list. In the snippet below, changing Task A of A to DONE will trigger Task B of A to change its todo tag to NEXT. However, changing Task A of B will not trigger Task B of B to change its todo tag.

* TODO Project A
  ** NEXT Task A of A
  ** TODO Task B of A
* TODO Project B
  ** NEXT Task A of B
  ** TODO Task B of B

Is there a function that will tell me that Task B of A is in an ordered list when point is on Task B of A?

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Function: org-entry-get pom property &optional inherit

Get value of PROPERTY for entry at point-or-marker POM.

By default, this only looks at properties defined locally in the entry.

If INHERIT is non-nil and the entry does not have the property, then also check higher levels of the hierarchy.

If INHERIT is the symbol selective, use inheritance if and only if the setting of org-use-property-inheritance >selects PROPERTY for inheritance.


org-entry-get does the trick as long as the optional property inherit is set

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