There is already a question on this but it's unanswered.

I'm writing a C++ header file that requires libxml, as seen below

#include <libxml2/libxml/xpath.h>

However Flycheck sees this as an error and consequently ignores any other potential error in the file.

In include /usr/include/libxml2/libxml/xpath.h (c/c++-gcc)

How do I disable this error in Flycheck or at least configure it to recognize the rest of the errors in the file?

Here's my code:

#ifndef PATH_T_HPP
#define PATH_T_HPP

#include <string>
#include <libxml2/libxml/xpath.h>

namespace tw_lmm

  class path_t
    /* Constructors */
    explicit path_t(const xmlKey*); // path only
    explicit path_t(const xmlKey*, const xmlKey*); // path, name
    explicit path_t(const xmkKey*, const xmkKey*, const xmkKey*); // path, name, extension

    explicit path_t(const path_t&);

    inline path_t operator=(const std::string&); // path only

    /* Destructors */
    virtual ~path_t();

    /* Getters */
    const inline std::string& path() const;
    const inline std::string& name() const;

    std::string __path, __name, __extension;


  const inline std::string& path_t::path() const
    return __path;



Note I misspelt xmlKey by writing xmkKey, Flycheck doesn't seem to recognise this.

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According to Sebastian Wiesner (lunaryorn) in Flycheck issue #662,

Flycheck does not have its own way to ignore warnings, but relies on syntax checker to be able to ignore warnings on their own.

I was able to add "/usr/include/libxml2" to variable flycheck-gcc-include-path using

M-x customize-variable RET flycheck-gcc-include-path

an insert a new entry.

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