When doing literate programming in , I frequently use C-c '[aka M-x org-edit-special] to enter the source-block-edit-buffer, so that I have appropriate s etc.

I then accidentally save this buffer with :w, and end up with files like
Network.org[*Org Src Network.org[ graphviz-dot ]*] littering my folder.

How can I avoid saving these files? Ideally, I would want the attempt to save the source-block-edit-buffer trigger saving the "parent" org file.

Edit: I now realize after the answer from @lawlist, that I was not having this problem every-time I save. Only, when I was using the :w ex mode command, not with C-x C-s. I use both, depending which is easier in context to type. I always thought this was equivalent, so I did not mention it when I first submitted the question. Sorry, since this sightly shifts the topic of the question.

  • As for research: I have been reading around some on this site, and think, the answer should be some kind of function I add to a "save"-hook, which then derives the filename of the parent, and then triggers a save there Feb 24, 2018 at 14:26

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There is already a built-in default keyboard shortcut to save edits (made in the editing buffer) to the parent buffer; i.e., C-x C-s -- which calls org-edit-src-save.

There are many ways to handle the issue described in the original question above. This answer overrides the global keyboard shortcut for save-buffer by remapping it to the org-src-mode-map which is an active minor-mode keyboard shortcut map in the editing buffer by virtue of the org-src-mode minor-mode. [Instead of 'hello-world, the O.P. could use 'ignore to have a silent approach with the same effect.]

(defun hello-world ()
  (message "You have remapped `save-buffer'."))

(require 'org-src)
(define-key org-src-mode-map [remap save-buffer] 'hello-world)
  • +1, thank you for the effort. After your answer, I realized, my question was imprecise. Evil is involved, and only :w has the problem, not C-x C-s. I updated the question. I am currently looking if your answer helps me understand the new scenario. Please mark this comment obsolete once you've read it. Feb 25, 2018 at 20:22
  • 1
    I am unfamiliar with the Evil package, sorry. I'll leave the answer for now in the event that it inspires you and/or someone else who may be interested in taking advantage of the org-src-mode-map to override other key bindings. The concept is essentially to disable the keyboard shortcut that you accidentally hit, and/or remap it to a different function that you would prefer be executed instead.
    – lawlist
    Feb 25, 2018 at 20:26
  • OK, I think I understand. I will look for "1) Find the name of the current evil mode keymap of the org-src-mode-buffer. 2) find the function evil calls on :w. 3) in the org-src-mode-buffer hook it to call org-edit-src-save instead". This sounds doable, but I would still be glad, if one of the veterans could accelerate the process :) Feb 25, 2018 at 20:34

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