For example making different headline levels appear in different font sizes or changing the color scheme.

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    The answer is "yes", but that probably wouldn't help you very much: avoid yes/no questions! Also, please include in your question a description of what you already tried (e.g. have you looked at the Org manual or the Emacs manual? Which? Where?) – Stefan Feb 25 '18 at 12:55

There are lots of ways to customize org-mode. Many of the color-themes for Emacs (e.g., Zenburn, Monokai) include customizations for the colors and sizes. You can also use the org-bullets package to add pretty bullets to each level.

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In addition to the detailed tweaking that you can do following Ryan's suggestions, you can quickly try doing M-x customize-themes and check leuven -- it is a good light colour theme with different heading sizes and code blocks highlighted. Another good option is https://github.com/jonnay/org-beautify-theme

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