My issue is that when I switch git branches in a project, each file that changes needs its buffer to revert, and this message is spat to the echo area for each file. If I try to run a command from the minibuffer, anything displayed in the minibuffer (the command I am typing as well as the completion suggestions) are temporarily overwritten by the revert buffer message.

Is there a way to suppress these messages so that I am able to run commands using smex in the minibuffer?

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    If you provide us with the exact message, we can grep the source code and find the function responsible. Otherwise, we start tracing revert-buffer and see lots of messages about yes/no and variables and command arguments to suppress confirmation, etc .... In other words, unless someone knows exactly what message you are seeing, the question becomes somewhat of a guessing game and/or is more time consuming to locate an answer. A grep search for the exact message would probably make answering the question a breeze ...
    – lawlist
    Feb 27, 2018 at 20:24

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I assume you have global-auto-revert-mode on? Those revert messages can be a bit "spamy" and you can turn them of with (setq auto-revert-verbose nil).

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