If I have a heading with a tag :noexportoninclude: on a file to_be_included.org, and I include it on another file which has #+EXPORT_EXCLUDE_TAGS: noexportoninclude, the tagged heading will be exported anyway.

How can I have EXPORT_EXCLUDE_TAGS exclude tags from included files?


Actually, the correct syntax is #+EXCLUDE_TAGS:, and not #+EXPORT_EXCLUDE_TAGS:. I could not find this on the online documentation, but running C-h v org-export-exclude-tags will tell us that:

This option can also be set with the EXCLUDE_TAGS keyword.

Emacs 25.3.2 and Org-mode 9.1.7

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  • It's in Export Settings. – NickD Feb 28 '18 at 22:48
  • do you see anything wrong in this? #+EXCLUDE_TAGS: :tasklist:noexport: – RichieHH Aug 20 at 2:26
  • yes. You should write #+EXCLUDE_TAGS: tasklist noexport – dangom Aug 20 at 19:38

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