Running in emacs -Q I set up this file and added it to my agenda

#+TAGS: [ toptag : subtag ]

* headline 1 :toptag:
* headline 2 :subtag:
* headline 3

org-tag-alist now has value (("[") ("toptag") (:grouptags) ("subtag") ("]"))

Per the docs, I should now be able to C-c / m toptag RET to find headlines matching either toptag org subtag.

But it only finds headline 1, tagged toptag. Wondering if I'd interpreted it backwards, I also tried C-c / m subtag RET, but that only finds headline 2, tagged subtag.

How do I set this up and search to find a tag and all its children?

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Have a look at Rainer Königs video on Youtube. He described the solution of your problem in excess.

Rainers solution: using org mode version >=8.3, since tag hierarchies were introduced with org 8.3.

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    @Stefan, the solution is to use at least org mode version 8.3. I'm not sure how to improve the answer. I had the same problem, updated my org mode and that's how it worked for me.
    – exilsteira
    Mar 6, 2018 at 15:45
  • Oh, duh, sorry I misunderstood your answer.
    – Stefan
    Mar 6, 2018 at 18:10

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