I am using org files to organize my research projects. I am using org both on Linux and Windows. While I am exporting org files to LaTeX or Beamer, a link to a local file on Windows starts with [[C:\Users\MYSELF\Document\org...][Text]], whereas a link to a same synced local file on Linux starts with [[/home/MYSELF/local/docs/org....][Text]].

I thought that #+MACRO: docs_path system_specific_docs_heading can do the job but it expands only on specific locations and not replacing this in links. I tried and write a function hooking on rg-export-filter-latex-fragment-functions but it did not replace strings in the link definitions either.

I am wondering if there is an efficient way to make these change in the link definitions automatically when I am exporting to the LaTeX/Beamer.

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[This answer requires that you write some lisp.]

I think the best way is to define your own custom link type. The idea would be to have a single org file that could be processed on either of the two systems and the export would treat the link type differently. For example the link [[sysdep:foo][foo]] would be exported as \href{file:///windows-sys-doc-path/foo} on the windows system, but as \href{file:///linux-sys-doc-path/foo} on the linux system.

For that you would need to add the link type:

(org-link-set-parameters "sysdep"
                         :store 'org-sysdep-store-link
                         :export 'org-sysdep-export
                         :follow 'org-sysdep-open)

and then provide definitions for the three sysdep functions.

Look in the contrib/lisp/org-man.el for an example of how to provide a custom link type for man-pages and see if you can define the functions above. The general idea for each function would be to check the variable system-type which tells you what type of system the emacs instance is running on (the value is a symbol - two examples are 'gnu/.linux and 'windows-nt but there are many others - see the documentation of system-type for all the possibilities). Then based on the value of that variable, each function would do different things.

Not a complete answer by any means, but I hope it's helpful. And maybe others will chime in with different methods.

  • Thank you so much Nick. I ended up writing a function to do 'replace-match' that is called by 'org-export-before-processing-hook with different strings for each system. Your solution seems more elegant and I will definitely try your suggestion.
    – lenient7
    Mar 12, 2018 at 13:37

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