Is there any way to export a list of folder names which has been modified today using a dired mode or any other package on emacs

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You can use a keyboard macro for that.

  1. Switch to dired buffer
  2. Make sure details (modification dates) are visible, M-x dired-hide-details-mode if necessary
  3. Go to beginning of buffer (M-<)
  4. Start keyboard macro (C-x C-k C-s)
  5. Isearch for current day (I type C-s Mar 16 RET)
  6. Mark current entry (m)
  7. Go back to beginning of line (C-a)
  8. End keyboard macro (C-x C-k C-k)
  9. Repeat macro until bell rings (C-u 0 C-x e)
  10. Now all modified entries are marked, type C-u 0 w to copy all of their names to the kill ring.

This will work for both files and directories. If you want to limit this only for directories, you can use dired-filter package, available from MELPA. After you installed it, you can hit / d in dired buffer (after step 2) to hide files in current buffer.

EDIT: If you use dired-filter package you can actually just use dired-filter-by-predicate command to keep only directories modified today, then mark everything (U t) and type C-u 0 w.

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