I am using AUCTex and outline-minor-mode to produce Latex presentations with beamer. I wonder how I could tell the outline-minor-mode to hide the content of a frame. I am not into LISP by now, so this answer here might already give a hint to the answer, but I don't know how.

So my question is, how can I get outline-minor-mode -- may be even with a shortcut -- to change

   a lot of cool stuff

   a lot of other cool stuff




and vice versa?

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Well after doing quite some research I found this question and this EmacsWiki and finally this question, which is basically asking for what I am looking for. I found the solution puzzle piece in the AUCTeX docs. The solution is adding the following to .emacs

(setq TeX-outline-extra '(("\\\\begin{frame}[{\[].+" 5)))

The regular expression should match \begin{frame}{some title} and \begin{frame}[some options]{another title} in a beamer LaTeX file.

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