I just found out about helm-surfraw by reading Tuhdo's Helm guide.

For those familiar with Helm, is there a way for me to call helm-surfraw on a selected region, i.e., using the region as the input for helm?

Example, let's say I'm writing a text and I want to find a synonym for a word. Instead of calling helm-surfraw, typing the word and searching, I'd like to mark the word and have helm automatically take it as an input.

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With latest version of Helm (see this PR), if you select a region before calling helm-surfraw, the text in the region will be used as the "default" argument. Saying you have selected "hello world" then typing

M-x helm-surfraw RET RET google RET

will Google "hello world". You can also use M-n (next-history-element) to put the default argument to minibuffer so that you can change it if you want.


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