Is there a way to align line numbers of separate buffers, one in each split window?

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    Please consider reframing your question. It apparently has nothing to do with follow-mode and is just asking how to scroll two windows at the same time. – Drew Mar 24 '18 at 22:30

Use ScrollAllMode:

(defun mwheel-scroll-all-function-all (func &optional arg)
  (if (and scroll-all-mode arg)
         (lambda (win)
           (select-window win)
           (condition-case nil
               (funcall func arg)
             (error nil)))))
    (funcall func arg)))

(defun mwheel-scroll-all-scroll-up-all (&optional arg)
  (mwheel-scroll-all-function-all 'scroll-up arg))

(defun mwheel-scroll-all-scroll-down-all (&optional arg)
  (mwheel-scroll-all-function-all 'scroll-down arg))

(setq mwheel-scroll-up-function 'mwheel-scroll-all-scroll-up-all)
(setq mwheel-scroll-down-function 'mwheel-scroll-all-scroll-down-all)
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