I want to use Emacs to create a static website using only HTML and CSS. I've read through the docs for skewer-mode and simple-httpd. It seems simple enough. There is even this SE post, how-to-use-skewer-mode, which details the above steps. Yet when I follow the post, I just get an "Unable to connect error." I'm not sure why.

In order to ask an actual question, although I don't know if it's related to my issue, what is meant in the skewer documentation by the following?

Include "http://localhost:8080/skewer" as a script (see example.html and check your httpd-port)

I don't see how that fits into the bigger picture of how skewer-mode works. Why doesn't the SE post include that?

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    You need to have <script src="http://localhost:8080/skewer"></script> in your HTML. It's a script that's used by the browser to receive messages from Emacs. – user12563 Mar 25 '18 at 21:22

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