Is it possible to use the "exec" mechanism when rebasing with magit?

From the git rebase man page:

   -x <cmd>, --exec <cmd>
       Append "exec <cmd>" after each line creating a commit in the final history. <cmd> will be interpreted as one or more shell commands.

For example, verifying that tests pass when rebasing the manual command might be:

git rebase -x "make test" 

Note: I'm not interested in manually specifying an individual "x" exec in an interactive rebase. I would like the specified command run after each commit when rebasing.

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No, git rebase --exec isn't currently supported, but adding --exec to the rebase popup should work:

(magit-define-popup-option 'magit-rebase-popup
  ?x "Exec command" "--exec=" #'read-shell-command)

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