Is it possible, with DocView or pdf-tools or something else, to recolour pdfs (e.g. by inverting or choosing a particular colour for background and foreground)? It's a bit annoying when using a dark colour theme to have to view pdfs with white backgrounds.

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Yes, there's a dark ("midnight") theme with pdf-tools.

Right-click somewhere within the displayed pdf, go to "Render Options" in the menu (about half-way down) and select "Midnight mode".

Alternatively, do M-x pdf-view-midnight-minor-mode RET.

The colours used by the "midnight mode" are specified by the variable pdf-view-midnight-colors (see the docstring with C-h v pdf-view-midnight-colors RET — in brief the format of the variable is (FOREGROUND . BACKGROUND)).

You may also need to adjust the colour of the margins, mode-line and other elements of Emacs's UI.

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