I have a long org mode document, and many sections are marked with several tags like say :cricket: , :golf:, :tennis:. Is it possible to export to a latex buffer only those sections with the tag :cricket:?

Side question: is it possible to export to a separate Emacs buffer only those sections which have a particular tag attached to them. C-c \ and typing the tag name, still shows the entire tree, (even if in a collapsed form) with the sections with matching tag names highlighted.


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 #+SELECT_TAGS: cricket

to your org file and export normally. If you modify SELECT_TAGS and want to reexport, be sure to C-c C-c on that line, so it will be reevaluated.

For the second part, you can use the above mechanism and do an export to org with C-c C-e O O (to a buffer) or C-c C-e O o to a file, then visit the new file (if you start with a file named cricket.org, the new file will be called cricket.org.org).

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