This is one of my slides:

** Test image width

*** First sub                                          :B_block:BMCOL:
:BEAMER_env: block
:BEAMER_col: 0.5
#+header: :exports results
#+BEGIN_SRC ditaa :file images/hello-world-round.png :cmdline -r
|              |
| Hello World! |
|              |

#+ATTR_LATEX: width=0.4\textwidth
*** Second sub                                          :B_block:BMCOL:

The #+ATTR_LATEX: width=0.4\textwidth does not work. I still get image with width=\textwidth.

How do I set width for the image exported by the SRC block?


Dang! This line #+ATTR_LATEX: width=0.4\textwidth has got wrong syntax. It should be: #+ATTR_LATEX: :width 0.4\textwidth

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  • Thanks a lot! I don't know why the documentation is messed up everywhere... – Pouya Jul 1 at 9:14

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