Copy/Paste seems broken for hexl-mode, eg. M-w copies the hex tables to the clipboard, rather useless. Since hexl-mode has overwrite-mode by default, how can the following be implemented?

  • M-w should copy marked binary data to the clipboard
  • C-y should insert contents of clipboard by overwriting, starting at cursor position
  • C-w should overwrite the marked area with hexl-mode-clear-value
  • DEL should set current byte to hexl-mode-clear-value and go to previous byte

hexl-mode-clear-value should be a customisable variable defaulting to \x00.

If Emacs is not in overwrite mode, copy/paste should work like plain text files, though this seems like low priority / undesirable since skewing binary data equals data corruption in most cases.


I implemented such a variant of overwrite-mode as part of nhexl-mode-0.4 (available from GNU ELPA), which I called nhexl-overwrite-only-mode. It also works in "normal" editing modes (i.e. outside of nhexl-mode) but it won't work for hexl-mode, I'm afraid.

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