On this site i found a very nice snippet of code to center a textblock of fixed width in my frame https://stackoverflow.com/a/23731757/4310112

The idea is that whenever the window size is change, the margins of the window are adjusted in a way that the text block keeps a pre defined fixed size. (The code is below.)

However it does not exactly what i expected. When i resize the window the text width changes as well. The will be some margins but not of the size intended. If i switch to another buffer and back the margins change to the correct size.

Something similar happens when i execute some command, for example C-c C-c in AucTex or just M-x C-g. Then all margins vanish and the text occupies the whole frame width. Again, switching buffers will restore the intended frame width.

;;Add left and right margins, when file is markdown or text.
(defun center-window (window) ""
  (let* ((current-extension (file-name-extension (or (buffer-file-name) "foo.unknown")))
         (max-text-width 80)
         (margin (max 0 (/ (- (window-width window) max-text-width) 2))))
    (if (and (not (string= current-extension "md"))
             (not (string= current-extension "tex")))
        ;; Do nothing if this isn't an .md or .tex file.
  (set-window-margins window margin margin))))

;; Adjust margins of all windows.
(defun center-windows () ""
  (walk-windows (lambda (window) (center-window window)) nil 1))

;; Listen to window changes.
(add-hook 'window-configuration-change-hook 'center-windows)

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You might want to try centered-window-mode: https://github.com/anler/centered-window-mode

It centers the text of the window when there’s only one window in the frame. To enable it in all my LaTeX buffers I added the following hook

(add-hook 'LaTeX-mode-hook 'centered-window-mode)

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