I have a theme in which I specified how my source blocks and quote blocks look:

`(org-block ((,class (:foreground ,fg3 :background ,"#fffce9")))) `(org-block-begin-line ((,class (:foreground ,"#996600" :background ,"#ffe6b3")))) `(org-block-end-line ((,class (:foreground ,"#996600" :background ,"#ffe6b3")))) `(org-quote ((,class (:foreground ,"#2f4f4f" :background ,"#f0fef0" :slant italic))))

This works well for the source block, but is ignored for the quote block (see screenshot).

Example org file with source and quote block

When I inspect the face via M-x customize-face org-quote, it seems it seems my customizations are being applied:

org-quote customization

Judging from this post, it should be possible.

Any help on how to solve this will be greatly appreciated.

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Customize variable org-fontify-quote-and-verse-blocks.

From the documentation of org-fontify-quote-and-verse-blocks:

Non-nil means, add a special face to #+begin_quote and #+begin_verse block. When nil, format these as normal Org. This is the default, because the content of these blocks will still be treated as Org syntax.

You can customize this variable.

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    Precisely the question I had, precisely the answer I needed. Thanks!
    – Bill White
    Jan 20, 2019 at 19:03

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