In org-mode, when you press M-S-right or M-S-left to demote or promote a tree with all it's subtrees, the content text is also indented.

So suppose I want to deomote the following structure by two levels, in order to replace it as a part of another tree structure. Then from this:

* A
** A.I
*** A.I.1

...I get this:

*** A
**** A.I
***** A.I.1

How can I disable this indentation? Thanks.

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Set the variable org-adapt-indentation to nil. The default value is t, which means:

When this variable is set, Org assumes that you write outlines by indenting text in each node to align with the headline (after the stars). The following issues are influenced by this variable:

  • The indentation is increased by one space in a demotion command, and decreased by one in a promotion command. However, in the latter case, if shifting some line in the entry body would alter document structure (e.g., insert a new headline), indentation is not changed at all.

You can change the value via M-x customize-variable org-adapt-indentation.


Set variable org-adapt-indentation to nil.

See also info section (info "(org) Clean View").

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