Whenever I install a theme, I notice it odes not appear exactly the same way on Emacs Terminal and Emacs GUI.

For example, I installed this theme recently, and it behaves as the previous ones I installed:

enter image description here

In this situation, for example, I prefer the look and feel shown on the right picture above. I do not use the GUI version of Emacs though, so I would like to get what I see on the right picture, in the Terminal version of Emacs.

Is this a normal behavior?


That is normal behavior as usually terminals do not have all the colors GUI has.

Some theme makers try to do their best to find matching colors on terminals that have only 16 or 256 paletted colors or provide separate palettes for different terminals.

Now I believe some new versions of terminals can render 16+M colors but not all terminal applications can do so. Newer version of emacs should be able to do this.

PS. I might be wrong :)

PPS. In your case maybe you can just export TERM=xterm-256color in your .bashrc

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