For example, I got the following lines:

1. abc
2. abc def
3. abc_def
4. _abc
5. abc_

and I want to search only the word abc, so only the 1 and 2 lines matches, I googled a while, it says \babc\b would work, but it doesn't work for me, and I found that \_<abc\_> works.

But I want to make it work with helm-occur, such as when I use the regular helm-occur (I bound it to Ctrl-s), it should work as default helm-occur, but if I called it with a prefix argument (Ctrl-u), it will search the whole word instead of string on top of the helm-occur.

Is there anyone knowing how to do this?

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Anyway, I found the solution from this page, not directly modify helm-occur but it is useful.

(defun helm-occur-insert-symbol-regexp ()
    (helm-set-pattern (concat "\\_<" helm-input "\\_>")))
(define-key helm-moccur-map (kbd "<right>") 'helm-occur-insert-symbol-regexp)

Use <right> key to search the whole in helm-occur session. Better solutions are welcome.

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