I'm trying to edit a code snippet in org-mode. When I type C-c ' in org mode buffer, it opens up the editor window in R-mode, but it doesn't know about C-c ' and cannot be killed by C-x k since when I execute that command I get a message in the message buffer:

Wrong type argument: overlayp, nil

Is there a way to force kill a buffer? Right now I'm restarting Emacs. Is there a faster way? Why is this doing in the first place?

The elisp debugger gives:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (wrong-type-argument overlayp nil)
  #[nil "\301!\207" [org-edit-src-overlay delete-overlay] 2]()
  kill-buffer("*Org Src notes.org<lec>[ R ]*")
  call-interactively(kill-buffer nil nil)

If I try to use org-edit-src-exit I get:

org-edit-src-exit: This is not a sub-editing buffer, something is wrong

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    This looks like R mode defines a hook that messes something up in the way it is started by Org. Wrt killing the buffer: Org adds a hook to kill-buffer-hook when you edit source code. To remove it: M-: (setq kill-buffer-hook nil) (while in the buffer with the source) then you can kill the buffer as usual.
    – wvxvw
    Dec 5 '14 at 5:48

Did you, by any chance, change the mode of the buffer you opened with C-c '? That's Emacs bug #19887: discussion, and is supposed to have been fixed in February 2015.

If you run into this problem again and are stuck with the editing buffer that doesn't want to close, @wvxvw's suggestion will let you close it.

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