An API I have used for years (via an elisp package) recently started inserting formatting tags (particularly for <i></i> italics) into the 'ArticleTitle' field of entries. The assumption that the node-child of 'ArticleTitle' field is a single string is thus no longer valid, causing trouble shortly downstream.

I think I need help in either A) stripping out the formatting tags or B) joining the child-nodes into a single string to restore function.

I attempted to document the context in which this question arose at https://github.com/jshoyer/pubmode/issues/3 (a fork of the original package)

Googling this subject and reading the xml.el source code have both proved difficult. Advice on search query terms or how to construct a minimal reproducible example would be welcome. Perhaps basic elisp list manipulation (without requiring any further use of xml.el) would suffice. I would prefer not to use other emacs tools beyond xml.el.

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