I would like to use the org-books package in spacemacs. As suggested by spacemacs' documentation I edited my .spacemacs file as follows:

dotspacemacs-additional-packages '((org-books :location (recipe
                                                        :fetcher github
                                                        :repo "lepisma/org-books")

When I restart spacemacs I get the following error, while org-books package has not been installed.

An error occurred while installing org-books (error: (error Package lacks a "Version" or "Package-Version" header))

The file org-books.el actually contains a version header :

;; Version: 0.2.2

However, there is another elisp file in the repo org-book-get-details.el, which is required by org-book.el, that does not explicit a version.

How can I solve this problem to properly install org-books?

My configuration:

System Info :computer:
  • OS: gnu/linux
  • Emacs: 24.5.1
  • Spacemacs: 0.200.13
  • Spacemacs branch: master (rev. 582f9aa)
  • Graphic display: t
  • Distribution: spacemacs
  • Editing style: emacs
  • Completion: helm
  • Layers: elisp (yaml csv html javascript helm (c-c++ :variables c-c++-enable-clang-support t) python auto-completion better-defaults emacs-lisp git latex bibtex markdown cscope org spell-checking syntax-checking evil-commentary buzz (plantuml :variables plantuml-jar-path "~/Workspace/Softwares/plantuml.1.2018.1.jar"))
  • Fix the package header. Be it by downloading a copy, editing it and installing or by poking the package maintainer/author. – wasamasa May 18 '18 at 8:14

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