initially, i'am new to emacs. So I have little expierience with emacs.

In past I used Visual Basic or VBA to work with the Output from some .dll.

Now I'am working a little with emacs/elisp.

My question is, is it possible to use emacs to call a function from a .dll und work with the Output (string Array) within emacs?

If it possible, how can I call the function from the .dll.

In past I searched already to an answer to this topic, but i can't find any exampel to do this.


For reasons that are beyond the scope of this posting, GNU Emacs doesn't have a foreign function interface (FFI), and hence cannot call C or C++ functions out of the box. (XEmacs used to have an FFI, but that fork has unfortunately died many years ago.)

Recent versions of Emacs (25 and later) support modules, a way to call C/C++ code that has been encapsulated in a very specific (and somewhat baroque) manner. Unfortunately, module support is disabled by default, and hence only useful if you're willing to rebuild Emacs from source.

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