When Emacs wraps long lines, is there a way to prevent the wrap prefix from having syntax highlighting (font-lock) or any such special properties?

Specifically, I have the following settings:

;; Wrap long lines instead of having them truncated and fall off the screen
(setq truncate-lines nil)
;; Make wrapped lines start at half the available text width
(setq wrap-prefix '(space . (:width (0.5 . text))))

Now, long lines appear like (in org-mode):


Or with visual-line-mode:

with visual-line-mode

(No change with adaptive-wrap-prefix-mode turned on or off.)

Is there a way to have the wrapped line not retain the highlighting (the underline in the images above)?

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How about using a stretch-glyph?

(setq truncate-lines nil
      wrap-prefix (propertize (char-to-string ?\uE000)
                    'display '(space . (:width (0.5 . text)))))

With this, the examples in the question now look like:

without visual-line-mode

and with visual-line-mode:

enter image description here


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