Short of editing the task and removing the repeater token, is there absolutely any way to mark a repeated task done so that it does not repeat any more?

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According to orgmode manual (8.3.2 Repeated tasks):

To mark a task with a repeater as DONE, use C-- 1 C-c C-t (i.e., org-todo with a numeric prefix argument of -1.)

You could use C-u - 1 instead of C-- 1.

It calls (org-cancel-repeater) function

(defun org-cancel-repeater ()
  "Cancel a repeater by setting its numeric value to zero."

In org-agenda this could be done with the same prefix C-- 1 t. This calls function org-agenda-todo

(defun org-agenda-todo (&optional arg)
  "Cycle TODO state of line at point, also in Org-mode file.
  This changes the line at point, all other lines in the agenda referring to
  the same tree node, and the headline of the tree node in the Org-mode file."

And inside the function it calls (org-todo) with the same prefix argument

(let ((current-prefix-arg arg))
  (call-interactively 'org-todo))

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