I'm trying to make use of the autocomplete facilities of AUCTeX using M-TAB (actually, through the equivalent binding C-M-i), but apparently, when using flyspell-mode alongside with LaTeX-mode the flyspell command flyspell-auto-correct-word overrides TeX-complete-symbol.

So, if I try the AUCTeX manual's example \renewc, with dictionary set to en_US, when pressing C-M-i, I get the following sequence:

\renew -> \renews -> \renew c -> \Rene -> \Corene -> \newcomer -> \crewmen and so on

With plain ispell it works as expected, but I'd like to keep flyspell if possible.

Any suggestions to get around this?


I quote here the help of the customization option flyspell-use-meta-tab as answer:

flyspell-use-meta-tab is a variable defined in ‘flyspell.el’.
Its value is nil
Original value was t

Non-nil means that flyspell uses M-TAB to correct word.

You can customize this variable.

You can set that variable to nil by M-x customize-option RET flyspell-use-meta-tab.

  • I had seen this, but didn't want to loose the functionality. As it turns out, with your suggestion, the binding is then left to ispell-complete-word, which works well, and doesn't mess with TeX-complete-symbol. So, thanks!
    – gusbrs
    May 30 '18 at 22:59

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