I have a .tex source and a python script called comments.py. This script reads my .tex source as input, does some operations on it and write a .com file as output. Then I have to reneame .com as .tex and go on with my work.

I want to automate these procedure and so I have written a script in elisp to do this.

My problem

I want that comments.py acts on a given region of my .tex source and not on all buffer. So, how can I contain its actions from (point-min) to a point defined as \begin{thebibliography}?

Here there is my code:

;; clean comments on .tex sources

;; define .tex file name with extension
(setq source-tex-ext (format "%s" (buffer-name)))

;; call comments.py
(defun call-comments ()
  (setq python-script-path "~/scripts/comments.py")
     (format "python %s" python-script-path) (format " %s" buffer-file-name)))))



;; close buffer
(kill-buffer (current-buffer))

;; Now I call a bash script in order to rename .tex as .bkp and then .com as .tex 
;; because I am not able to do this in elisp directly

;; call rename-com-to-tex.sh
(defun call-bash-script ()
 (setq bash-script-path "~/myscripts/rename-com-to-tex.sh")
 (call-process "/bin/bash" nil t nil bash-script-path))


;; open .tex (this is .com renamed as .tex)
(find-file (format "%s" source-tex-ext))


;; do other things

Hope my question is clear.


This is an attempt with shell-command-on-region as suggested (I have tried to construct the following code looking for examples):

(setq m1 (make-marker))
(goto-char (point-min))
(set-marker m1 (point-min))

(setq m2 (make-marker))
(set-marker m2 (search-forward "\\begin{thebibliography}"))
(setq python-script-path "~/scripts/comments.py")

;; call comments.py
(defun call-comments (start-position end-position)
  (interactive "r")
   start-position end-position (concat
    (format "python %s" python-script-path) (format " %s" (buffer-file-name))) (buffer-file-name) nil))

 (call-comments m1 m2)

In this way the code creates a .com file as output, but restrictions are ignored. In the new .com file, comments.py has acted until the end and not until \begin{thebibliography}.

  • 1
    What about shell-command-on-region? – wvxvw May 31 '18 at 15:15
  • Can comments.py read from standard input instead of taking a filename? – npostavs Jun 1 '18 at 0:09
  • @npostavs In the source of comments.py appears open(...), then I think that it must have a file as input, but I am not a python programmer, so I do not asnwer about this. I can not publish comments.py for confidentiality obligations. – Onner Irotsab Jun 1 '18 at 7:43
  • @OnnerIrotsab you can try using shell redirection python comments.py < some-file and see if it works. – npostavs Jun 1 '18 at 8:54
  • @npostavs Sorry, I do not understand what you mean... – Onner Irotsab Jun 1 '18 at 13:19

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