Are there any off-the-rack way to generate a pdf version GNU Emacs Manual (and other manuals GNU Emacs brings with) from GNU Emacs source code or the texinfo files by myself?

I've found a free version of GNU Emacs Manual of version 24.5 and want to print a newer version of this manual. I also want to print a manual of GNU Calc.

----- UPDATED -----

I've found these lines in GNU Calc's manual:

The Calc manual can be printed, but because the manual is so large, you should only make a printed copy if you really need it. To print the manual, you will need the TeX typesetting program (this is a free program by Donald Knuth at Stanford University) as well as the ‘texindex’ program and ‘texinfo.tex’ file, both of which can be obtained from the FSF as part of the ‘texinfo’ package. To print the Calc manual in one huge tome, you will need the Emacs source, which contains the source code to this manual, ‘calc.texi’. Change to the ‘doc/misc’ subdirectory of the Emacs source distribution, which contains source code for this manual, and type ‘make calc.pdf’. (Don’t worry if you get some “overfull box” warnings while TeX runs.) The result will be this entire manual as a pdf file.

but when I tried to run

$ pwd
$ make calc.pdf
make: *** No rule to make target 'calc.pdf'. Stop.

I am wondering whether this is because the calc's manual is outdated and the writer didn't keep it updated.

Can you help me out? Thanks!

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Here is the answer by myself:

After entering the directory of emacs source code:

$ sh autogen.sh
$ ./configure
$ cd doc/misc
$ make calc.pdf

$ cd ../emacs
$ make elisp.pdf

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